Monday, 6 February 2017

The Girl on the Bus - The basic premise...

I tried to create a plot for the novel, which essentially involves the traditional detective story elements: 

  • A missing girl
  • a concerned friend
  • a retired detective 
  • and an escalating body count

After her parents bitter divorce, Vicki Reiner spends her days in the beach house in Oceanside.
There she sinks into lonely depression. However, when she invites her former college friend down from Barstow for a couple of weeks, things begin to look brighter.

In her final text message, Laurie had said that she bought a bus ticket on-line at an amazing price...
But she never arrived in Oceanside. Vicki approached the police, who dismissed her. But as she sat lost outside the police station, an elderly detective approached Vicki and tried to address her worries. He explained in a calm and experienced voice that Laurie would most likely show up in a couple of weeks, but if she didn't then Vicki should just get back in touch.  

Leighton Jones felt he had nothing to lose. He encountered Vicki on his last day ever as a detective. So even if the girl's friend had indeed vanished, it would be somebody else's problem. That's why, three weeks later, he was caught off guard as he sat on his small terrace eating a salad and sipping a crisp white wine, when Vicki stepped across his lawn to ask for his help again...

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